Four Tips For Your First Month On Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills remain a very common way for women to take charge of their fertility. All you must do is take a pill at the same time each day, and you will greatly reduce your chances of becoming pregnant. If you do decide you want to become pregnant, you can stop taking the pill and become fertile again within a month or less. While taking birth control is relatively simple, it can take a little getting used to. Here are four tips to keep in mind during your first month with the pill.

Set an alarm.

In order for the pill to be effective, you need to take it at the same time each day. Combination pills, which contain both estrogen and progesterone, are still very effective if you take them an hour or so late on occasion. Progesterone-only pills leave less margin for error. The easiest way to ensure you always remember to take your pill on time is to set an alarm on your phone. Make sure it is programmed to ring every day.

Keep the pills in your wallet.

You might be out and about when the time comes to take your pill, so you want to ensure you have it with you. The best approach is to keep your pills in your wallet so that you always have them on hand. Most come in a little sliding package so nobody else will see them and know what they are when you open your wallet.

Don't get too alarmed by side effects.

Most side effects associated with the pill will only bother you for the first month or two, and then they will fade away. So during this first month, don't get too worried if you experience some side effects. You might have some bloating, spotting, or nausea. Chances are, you will feel better in a month or two. Talk to your OB/GYN if the side effects last longer than three months or are getting in the way of your daily life. They may switch you to a different pill with fewer side effects.

Consider a backup method of birth control.

If you begin taking birth control immediately after a period, it will be effective within a few days. However, if you start taking it at another point in your cycle, you will want to use a backup method of birth control for the first month just to ensure you are protected.