Treating Your Teen’s Period Problems

Despite the fact that medical treatments have advanced in recent years, there are many teen girls who are missing days of school each month as a result of period-related problems. Some of these problems can include heavy bleeding, cramping, and pain.

Period problems can create a lot of stress in a teen girl's life. Missing days of school can have a negative effect on grades, and it can cause conflict within the family. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to help treat your teen's period problems in the future.

Encourage Exercise

Weight management is an important factor when trying to regulate menstrual flow. Teens who are overweight are more likely to have an irregular period, resulting in missed days at school. Encourage your daughter to engage in regular aerobic exercise.

Boosting physical activity levels can have a positive effect not only on regulating period symptoms, but on improving mood and overall health as well.

Add a Vitamin Supplement

Another simple way that you can help to regulate your teen daughter's period symptoms is by providing access to a vitamin supplement. Recent research has linked irregular menstrual cycles with a lack of vitamin D.

Investing in a quality vitamin D supplement can ensure that your daughter doesn't have a deficiency that is affecting her menstrual cycle. You can also encourage your daughter to eat more foods that are rich in vitamin D. Some of these foods include salmon, shrimp, and mushrooms.

Consider Birth Control

Birth control is most often associated with protection against an unwanted pregnancy, but hormonal therapies can have other benefits as well. Talk to your daughter's gynecologist about the symptoms she is experiencing during each menstrual cycle.

The gynecologist can prescribe a hormonal birth control that can be effective in helping to regulate hormone levels during your daughter's period. Regulation of hormone levels can significantly reduce some negative symptoms like heavy bleeding or cramping that could be causing your daughter to miss school each month.

Period problems are not something that should be taken lightly. Work closely with your daughter's gynecologist to find ways to treat any debilitating symptoms experienced during each menstrual cycle.

Effective treatment will help your daughter feel better and miss fewer days of school, contributing to greater success in the future. Exercise, vitamin supplements, and a prescription for hormonal birth control are tools that can be used to help your teen conquer her period problems. For more information, visit websites like