Signs That May Indicate Labor Is Approaching

For some, there are very clear signs that your baby is coming, but there are others that may not have these clear signs. If you're close to your due date, and even if you aren't, there are some signs that may indicate that labor is coming and you should head to your hospital. Read on for some signs of labor to keep an eye out for.

Loss of the Mucus Plug

The mucus plug is actually mucus that forms at the entrance of the cervix and helps block anything from getting into the cervix or harming your fetus. The mucus plug will sometimes fall out on its own, which can indicate the start of labor. For others that have to be induced, the mucus plug may need to be removed. When you lose the mucus plug, you'll notice a large amount of mucus that comes out of the vagina, which may appear while urinating or it could be noticeable in your underwear. You may also notice a little bit of blood in the mucus as well. Call your obstetrician to see if you should go to the hospital or go to the office for an exam.

Pain or Cramping

If you are close to your due date and are experiencing cramping, it may be that you are having contractions. Call your obstetrician about these contractions and pay attention to how close they are to one another. If they are very close together, you should get to the hospital to be examined. Contractions that stop after moving around may be false labor. To be sure, you can call your obstetrician to discuss these contractions.

Changes in Your Belly

Once your baby is ready, it will begin to move into position, and your belly will change as a result. If your belly looks like it has dropped lower, you may be ready to go into labor very soon. You don't need to get to the hospital just yet, but your obstetrician will note the baby's movement and where the baby is positioned.

Release of Fluid

You may have a release of fluid from your vagina, as most people refer to as your water breaking. If you have this release of fluid, you should get to the hospital—especially if it's followed by cramping or contractions. Call your obstetrician and let the OB know that you are going to the hospital to be examined.

These are just a few of the signs that labor is approaching. If you are experiencing any other signs you aren't sure about, you can call your obstetrician or go to the hospital to be examined. For more information on having a safe pregnancy, hop over to this web-site.